Terms and conditions.


When you use, access or browse this website, you acknowledge and agree to being bound by the terms and conditions which are detailed in this document, normally referred to as “our terms”. In addition, you adhere to all of the laws and regulations contained in these Terms and Conditions. The user who is completing the ABN Number form is hereinafter referred to as “the applicant”. The terms “we", “our” and “the company” refer to cbn-number.com as a complete entity.

The following requirements of information provided by the customer are recorded as personal information in the secure database of this website: name, place of birth, date of birth, passport number, expiry date, date of issue and type of support document, email address, postal address, telephone number, connection log, information about the IP connection, cookies and payment record. For more information regarding this section, visit our privacy policy.

The applicant must never: provide false or incorrect information; omit information that is required on the online application form, or be considered unsuitable to complete the application process or may not comply with the eligibility requirements or otherwise ignoring or changing the registration procedure. If this, or any of its different variables occurs, the company reserves the right to cancel or delete the applicant’s data.

Use of our website
The abn-number.com website and any of its related services only applies to personal use. Our company is a private company and does not have any type of affiliation with the Government of Australia. On the other hand, users of this website will respect its property and will not re-use, copy, change or download any of it, in part or fully, for commercial use.

Content of the Service
The applicant agrees with the conditions specified herein. The methods relating to the conditions of supply of this website are solely defined by abn-number.com Bear in mind that the conditions described may be modified, altered or changed at any time for technical reasons, security reasons or those outside the scope of the service.

Our function consists of processing online requests to process the ABN Number. We use an in-house service in which we inform, collect information and present the name of the applicant to the corresponding authorities or bodies. It is clear from this moment, that by providing you a service, you become our customer and therefore the conditions described apply to you. Our responsibility and objective is limited to the receipt, management, help and support in the tax registration and processing and falls short of the decisions of the corresponding governmental authority in relation to the final result of the application.

When you send us your application and it is accepted, you will receive an email in which we will notify you of said acceptance. Given the characteristics of the order, it will be carried out as soon as possible. The request, processing and acquisition of a ABN Number is a fully personalised service for the customer. From this precise moment the contract is formalised between you and ourselves, being a valid, current and binding legal transaction.

Our service consists of processing ABN Number. Our exclusive services include, amongst other things; a detailed check of all of the answers provided, translation of the information, assistance when completing the form, checking the document is fully complete, and a grammar check.

The governmental authorities are authorised to request additional documentation, if necessary, which we will in turn request from you. This documentation can relate to various factors that are not dependent upon our company, and in our work as agents we will ask you as the customer. You agree to send said additional documentation to us to be able to complete your ABN Number in the time period stipulated by the government. Otherwise, your application will expire, due to the failure of your obligations as a customer, cancelling the application without possibility of a refund of any of the amounts paid given that there is no error, omission or fault attributable to our company.

Our work will, as far as possible, be to provide you with accurate and clear information to ensure you obtain your ABN Number, in due form and on time. You must bear in mind that the criteria is general and variable, depending on the relevant authority who may change the requirements. Our work will be to inform you promptly of any changes that may occur.

Obtaining a ABN Number solely depends on the authority in charge of this function, so we cannot guarantee under any circumstances that it will be issued and on time, so the fees paid to our company are for the processing, management, help and support, and never as an issuer of ABN Number.

If a chargeback is submitted to your bank account and the amount paid is given back to yourself, you agree that the service that has been provided will be automatically canceled from the day it was registered.  

Fees include the charges for our service, those charged by the competent authority, if a courier service is required it will be paid for by the customer. Our companies’ fees are non-refundable, as are the payments made in your name to the authorities.

The cost of the management service is $69.00, which will be charged when your application is accepted and will not be refundable under any circumstances.

In the event that your ABN Number is rejected by the corresponding government authorities, our company agrees to a full refund of the charges paid. The fees charged for our management will not be paid under any circumstances, excluding any other request.

Before making a payment for the ABN application, you will have the opportunity to check all the details you have provided on your screen and make the appropriate changes if necessary. If you have made any errors, it is important that you correct them before proceeding. Once you have confirmed the details, you will be required to proceed with the payment.

By contracting our services, you are accepting this terms and conditions policy and are agreeing to be bound to Registration Assistant Pty Ltd , which is assuming a series of administrative responsibilities and is responsible as the financial institution which processes the applicant’s payments that go through abn-number.com, including taxes, compliance risk, refund requests or any other dispute. The Merchant of Record ensures that all digital transactions are encrypted and protected by high-tech firewalls and physical security, managed with precision and in full compliance with Legal Regulations.

Be aware that we do not provide a refund if a customer simply changes their mind about aby of the services we provide.

Business Name availability checks carried out via the Business Name application form on the Website are dependent on the ASIC business names register (ASIC Register). We are not responsible for any errors or omissions on the ASIC Register or if the ASIC Register or its system is experiencing technical issues, such as downtime or maintenance. If the ASIC Register is not available for any reason, we can manually file your Business Name application. If we file your Business Name application manually in such instances, we would be unable to check the ASIC Register to ascertain if your Business Name is available. If your chosen Business Name is unavailable you can either:
choose another business name; or obtain a full refund of your application fees from us, less the $53.85 administration and handling fee (Administration Charge). No Business Name fee will be refunded for change of mind after the first 12 h.

GST registrations: This Site aims to provide you with clear and succinct information. However, if you misinterpret such information, we are not liable in any way for any such misinterpretation. Please contact us if you need to clarify something.
We endeavour to begin working on your GST registration application immediately after you have submitted it to us. For this purpose, you authorise us or our nominated representative to act as your registered BAS agent, and on your behalf, for applying for a GST.
We will communicate with the ATO on your behalf using both electronic and telephone communications to process your application.
If we cannot arrange for your GST registration application to be processed by the ATO immediately through our electronic system, we will either lodge a paper application, apply over the phone or, in the situation we are unable to register, refund your money. Occasionally, the ATO Registration systems are down and not functioning, we will endeavour to process your registration as soon as this resolves. As this is out of our control, it falls out of our guarantee of registration within 24 hours, and will not make you eligible for a refund.
If your application is rejected by the ATO it may be for any number of reasons. These may include (but are not limited to):
the information supplied does not match exactly with information the ATO has on record the ATO has made a decision that you are not eligible to apply for GST registration or the ATO is experiencing system processing issues, such as systems downtime or maintenance.
If your GST is rejected by the ATO, we will contact the ATO on your behalf and attempt to resolve any application problems that may have arisen. We will then advise you of the reason that your application has been rejected and offer possible solutions where it is practicable to do so.  Once the form has been submitted will not make you eligible for a refund.
We may provide a refund subject to the following: The application is being cancel straight away before any registration has been completed

You have provided all the necessary information for the processing of your application and that the information is true and correct
The final decision to a refund is at the discretion of registration Assistance Pty Ltd.
Only individuals who fulfill all the following criterias will be eligible to use our GST registration service:
the person is or will be carrying on a business in Australia
does not pay royalties, dividend or interest to non-residents
is a resident of Australia for tax purposes.


Limitation of Liability
The authority issuing the documents will make the decision in relation to the submitted application. As we have already pointed out, additional documentation may be required for the processing of the ABN Number. Likewise, the authority may reject any application with or without a reason given. Our company does not issue ABN Number or travel documents and, consequently, we cannot guarantee these will be obtained. For this reason, we recommend you apply in good time, as well as postponing purchasing tickets or their equivalents until the birth certificate is obtained. Our company takes no responsibility for costs related to these under any circumstances.

The work of our company, and for which every effort will be made in every respect, is the processing of applications ordered by the customer. At no time will it be liable for possible delays, justified or otherwise, by the government authorities in their acceptance of the application. Neither will it be responsible for possible extra costs which may arise from managing the birth certificate application.

Our company will carry out the necessary procedures to obtain your ABN Number or other documentation, always completed under the instructions given by the customer on the questionnaires which are filled in and submitted with the application. Any contractual error, omission, or lack of good faith will not apply to abn-number.com under any circumstances.

Lastly, the customer must bear in mind that the refusal of entry for a person by customs or immigration authorities is possible even when in possession of the appropriate documents, given that they have the last word.

Our company will not be partially or fully responsible for errors, omissions or delays in relation to necessary third parties, such as transport or logistics companies, or for personal delivery to the address of the requested documentation. In the event of any problem or delay, the applicant must settle the dispute directly with the third party, given that our work is to process and send the requested item in so far as we are able to and we never respond for third parties outside our company.